Good Beer Guide 2022

How do we choose our Good Beer Guide Pubs each year?

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR GBG 2022: Because this last year (2020) has been exceptional, with pubs shut for much of the year, we had too little data to make objective decisions following our usual practices. We therefore agreed special arrangements for this year only, which are set out at the bottom of this section.

GBG 2023: We have now decided our pubs for the 2023 edition (to be published in Autum 2022).  We followed a similar process as last year to draw up a longlist, but we had sufficient data to base our final selection on the evidence of beer quality provided by CAMRA members over the last 12 month.


We take the average mean scores over the 12 months of the calendar year that were submitted via WhatPub by CAMRA members. 


We do not do any further surveying because:

1) It therefore eliminates any local bias and the decision does not simply use scores awarded by a few people in a one-off survey

2) Our GBG pubs must have consistent quality over the whole year, not just on the surveyors visit.


To further ensure that pubs are chosen in a fair way a minimum of 10 scores by at least 5 different members must have been completed that year.


If you want to help the branch choose the GBG pubs get out and get scoring! Just click on the link below or on the homepage to login and score beer.


Because the Covid crisis meant we had so few members' judgements on the quality of beer in our pubs, we agreed a list of pubs for the 2022 edition using criteria as close as possible to our usual approach. This is how we made our selection for the 2022 Guide:

1.  set a benchmark "score" of 3.31, which was the lowest-scoring pub in the 2021 Guide

2.  Pubs which did meet our minimum number of scores and scorers and exceeded our 3.31 benchmark were automatically included, together with those that almost reached the minimum numbers (just one or two short) and averaged above the benchmark

3.  Considered other pubs that had appeared in recent years' Guides and scored consistently well over the last five years.

4.  This gave us 13 pubs from our allocation of 15, so we considered "the best of the rest" and agreed the two with the best recent evidence of consistently good-quality beer.